99. Surat of the Chicken (Al-Cluckcluck)

Revealed before the Hip Hop. This chapter has 22 verses.

In the Name of Allah Ballah Bim Bam, the Beneficent the Merciful,

1. Faa' Qaaf

2. Verily, We created the chicken a (wonderful) creation,

3. And We boiled the eggs, a boiling,

4. And We sent with thunder, lightening

5. And We made the air fresh

6. As for he who denies our signs, We shall hang him a hanging,

7. Then choke him, a choking

8. As for he who knocks on the door of a slut, a knocking

9. Then commits in her house, a screwing

10. We shall burn him in the fire, a burning

11. Indeed our punishment it is the abiding

12. Indeed our enemy he is the most wretched.

13. For I swear by the glitter of the Dinar

14. And I swear by the braying of the Ass

15. Indeed I am Allah the Creator, the Conqueror

16. So obey me and do not be of the unbelievers

17. And fear a day when no Dirham will benefit nor will a Dollar

18. The day the unbelievers will be cast into the fire

19. And they shall not be able to bear it nor escape

20. As for those who feared their lord, they are the best

21. They shall have gardens under which run rivers

22. And crates of whiskey and dancing girls with no veil

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